If writing more blog posts is your New Year’s Resolution it’s easier than you think. Dust off your keyboard and jump start your blog by following our simple 4 step blog post formula. Combined with one of 5 popular blog posting styles we will be featuring in the next five days, you can produce articles that deliver traffic to your site.

Clippy LetterSimple 4 Step Blog Post Formula

Remember in school when you learned the formula to write a persuasive essay? You can write a blog post the same way. Our simple blog post formula will help you write a great blog post in just 4 steps:

1. Headline: Hook your reader’s interest with a headline that grabs their attention. PR Leap’s 25 Action Words for Writing a Newsworthy Title and Copy Blogger’s 9 Proven Headline Formulas will get you on track.

2. Introduction: Make your first sentence count. Engage your reader with a question, a brief story, or a strong statement. Then explain the value of the post. State your key point with supporting details. Break this section into 2 paragraphs if it’s longer than 3 sentences.

3. Content: Write your supporting text here: details, tips, examples. Break them up for easy web reading using subheadings to order your ideas. Place items into bullet point lists and keep your paragraphs 2 to 3 sentences in length.

4. Conclusion: Close with a statement and a call to action.

Now that you have the basic blog post formula in hand, check back over the next five days to learn how the formula works with 5 popular Blog Posting Styles:

We will be covering more blog post writing and SEO tips. What are your biggest blog post and SEO questions?

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  1. This is a good blog formula post, not as in depth as others I have seen but still valid. You have no links to the “post type articles” that you mention at the end of the post. OK if people are reading it directly after launch but not great for someone viewing months after the posting date.

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