Free Holiday Facebook Cover Photo Template – Miss Birdies’ Gift to You

Happy Holidays! Celebrate the season on your Facebook page with our holiday Facebook Cover Photo Template featuring Miss Birdie’s Christmas friends. We’ve left a space on the Photoshop template for you to add you own custom holiday message.  You can also “turn off” the social icons, if you prefer just festive lights! Please enjoy our […]

Fun Things You Can Do with Your Facebook Cover Photo

Now that you have the new “Timeline,” have you gotten a chance to play around with your new Facebook cover photo? You can upload all kinds of photos and make them look big and beautiful. I’ve seen some incredible images – many of them from photos that my Facebook friends take. But some of these […]

Blog Posts Made Easy Series: Blog Post Style 5 – Regular Feature Post

Looking for return readers to your site? Create a reoccurring feature section, just like popular magazines have. Post to this section regularly with new info and ideas to keep readers coming back for more. Regular Feature Post Medium | Use Max times per week 2 | Interaction Index 4 (scale from 1 low-5 high) A […]

Blog Posts Made Easy Series: Blog Post Style 4 – List Post

What is fun to write and read all over? The ever popular blog post style: the list post. Most likely to be shared on social networks, bookmarked and get reader’s comments it is no wonder they are blog writers favorite go to style. List Post Medium | Use Max times per week 5 | Interaction […]

Blog Posts Made Easy Series: Blog Post Style 3 – Series Post

How can you become an authority in your industry and get more reader traffic to come to your blog? One way is to write a series of posts – say, 3-5 different posts – that zero in on a broader topic in your niche. Today in our “Blog Posts Made Easy Series” we’ll address this […]

Blog Posts Made Easy Series: Blog Post Style 2 – Contact Post

Want to find ways to make writing your blog posts easier? Follow our “Blog Posts Made Easy Series.” This blog post style is called “Contact Post.” It’s a fun blog post style because you get to interview and highlight someone else in your writing. You also strengthen and grow your network connections by blogging a […]

Blog Posts Made Easy Series: Blog Post Style 1 – Repost Post

Does your business have a blog? Do you feel like you have “writer’s block” more often than not? Read this series on Blog Posts Made Easy to see how you can make your blog posts easier to write. This first article in the Blog Posts Made Easy series shows how you can share an article […]

Blog Posts Made Easy Series Introduction: Simple 4 Step Blog Post Formula

If writing more blog posts is your New Year’s Resolution it’s easier than you think. Dust off your keyboard and jump start your blog by following our simple 4 step blog post formula. Combined with one of 5 popular blog posting styles we will be featuring in the next five days, you can produce articles […]