Series Post How can you become an authority in your industry and get more reader traffic to come to your blog? One way is to write a series of posts – say, 3-5 different posts – that zero in on a broader topic in your niche. Today in our “Blog Posts Made Easy Series” we’ll address this intriguing blog post style, the “series post.”

You can post one post in the series each day, so you will be seen as an expert on the topic. And, well-written series posts can become popular posts in Google searches. This will drive more traffic to your blog.

Series Post
Skill Level: Medium | Use Max times 7 per week  | Interaction Index 4 (scale from 1 low-5 high)

You use a series post to share your expertise, experiences, insider secrets and favorite resources – over time – with your readers. To start, you can break up a “list post” (we’ll review this tomorrow, but for now: it’s a blog post with a bulleted “list” of points). Break down each point in the list into a topic and write a series of posts, each one addressing one point in the list.

Be sure to write all the posts before you announce the series. Here are the components of the series post:

Headline: Use the headline to organize the posts into a set. For example, “When to Make Multifamily Investments: A Series…,” “Facebook Basics: …,” or my current favorite: “Blog Posts Made Easy Series:….”

Intro: Let your readers know that this is part of a series of posts. Successful posts and series address a need people have. Focus on highlighting how this post will fulfill and support the need being addressed in the series.


  • Use descriptive subheadings with SEO keywords to organize the content.
  • Break up the content into short 2-3 sentence paragraphs.
  • Use keywords to interlink posts and interlink all references to previous posts.

Conclusion: Add a teaser for the next post in the series. List all the posts in the series with links.


Facebook Basics – Personalizing Your Profile

When to Make Multifamily Investments – Recovery – Part 2 of a series

Resource Links:

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Be sure to drop by tomorrow to read about the next blog post style in our Blog Posts Made Easy series, the ever popular “list post.”

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