Regular Feature Post Looking for return readers to your site? Create a reoccurring feature section, just like popular magazines have. Post to this section regularly with new info and ideas to keep readers coming back for more.

Regular Feature Post
Medium | Use Max times per week 2 | Interaction Index 4 (scale from 1 low-5 high)

A regular feature post is part of a collection of posts assigned to a reoccurring feature category. A popular regular feature increases both brand recognition and site subscriptions.

Headline: Combine your feature category name with your headline to brand your post: “Rick’s Tips: ….” or “One Minute Tips: …” “1031 Exchange of the Month…”

Intro: Ask the reader a question. Tell them how this post will offer a solution. Use a reoccurring catch phrase to enforce the brand.


  • Develop a “logo” style thumbnail for feature category.
  • Use a consistent visual styling for the posts in your feature category.
  • Keep the post similar in length and tone.

Conclusion: In addition to inviting readers to read more posts; invite readers to post on the same theme in their site with a link back to your original post.


Rick’s Tips: Using Facebook Lists to Target a Post to a Specific Group of Friends

One Minute Tip: Create a Facebook List for the Pages Your Like

1031 Exchange of the Month-November/December 2011

Resources: Your favorite magazines, journals, news papers, and news/magazine TV shows regular features.

We have reach the end of our Blog Posts Made Easy Series. Make this the year you fill your blog with posts! We will be covering more writing and SEO tips this year, what would you like to know about in these subjects?

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