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Jan 11

Contact PostWant to find ways to make writing your blog posts easier? Follow our “Blog Posts Made Easy Series.” This blog post style is called “Contact Post.” It’s a fun blog post style because you get to interview and highlight someone else in your writing.

You also strengthen and grow your network connections by blogging a contact post. When you feature someone in your blog post, not only have you made your own blog post easy, but you are doing a favor for the featured person in your post. I haven’t met anyone who doesn’t appreciate being featured in a post.  Make someone’s day; blog a contact post. They will remember you.

Contact Post
Skill Level: EASY | Use Max 2 times per week | Interaction Index 2 (scale from 1 low-5 high)

Build connections with a person, business, or website by writing about them.

1. Headline: Relay an honest, enthusiastic testimonial. Write how “Recommended: …” this person is for their expertise or store products, or you can mention their “…Excellence: …,” or simply say “Introducing…” or “Thanks to …”

2. Introduction: Introduce the contact and state the key point ~ why you are writing about them? Have they achieved something great? Did they influence you in some significant way? So you simply love their product or service?

3. Content:

  • Build on the key point with details about the contact.
  • Describe how the contact benefits, skills, are of value to you and your readers.
  • Keep the tone enthusiastic and honest.
  • Need more info? Connect to your contact and ask for more info for the article you are writing on them.

4. Conclusion: Repeat your key point and the main benefit this contact offers to your readers. Add a call to action: ask your readers to tell you what they think, to mention a person who has influenced them in a similar way, or to ask a question of your featured contact.


Introducing FAD: The Official Unofficial Facebook App Directory

Thanks to Share Gilbert & TICOR Title

Multifamily Excellence: Princeton Property Management

So far we have combined our simple 4 step blog formula combined with  two popular blogging styles: keep following our Blog Posts Made Easy Series for next 3 posting styles.

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