Google AdWords for Newbies | Free Webinar

WebinarIt’s important to be where your clients and prospects are. When they want your services, what do they do? They Google you.

Wednesday, December 28, 2011
11am – 1pm
This webinar will review online comsumer behavior and introduce you to the concept of Google AdWords and how it works. You’ll set up your own Google AdWords account and see how to properly structure it, why structure matters, and what the limitations of an AdWords account are.

The first 5 registrants will receive a $75 Google AdWords coupon, so register today!

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One Minute Tip: Create a URL for Your Facebook Business Page

I just created a URL for my new Facebook business page, “One Minute Tips.” If you have more than 25 fans on your business page, you can create a URL for your Facebook business page too. Among the many advantages of having your own URL is that it brands your page and it’s a shorter and more memorable link to share with your friends to get them to like your page.

First, go to your page. Click on the “edit page” button.

Click on “Basic Information” and “Create a Username for this page.”

If you’re signed in as your page, click on the button that says “Continue using Facebook as” yourself.

I forgot to take the screen shot as I created the URL for my Facebook business page, "One Minute Tips," so I used another page, "Apala," here.

Under “Page Name,” make sure your correct page is in the box. Enter your desired username. Do not use any spaces. You want to choose your Facebook business page username carefully because you cannot change the name once you’ve chosen it.

Facebook will let you know if that URL is available. If not, try another. Much like choosing a website domain name, once your create a Facebook fan page URL, no one else can use that same URL.

Click on the create button and you’re done! A dialog box will pop up that says “Success,” telling you that your URL has been created.

Click “Okay,” go back to Basic Information and you should see that your URL has been set. You can share this link with your friends. I recommend putting it in your email signature.

One Minute Tip: Change the Title and Description While Posting an Article to Your Facebook Wall

If you’d like to share an article with Facebook friends or fans, but you don’t like the title or description, you can rename it. You can change the title and description while posting an article to your Facebook wall.

First, click “Link” above your Facebook’s “What’s on your mind?” box.

Start by adding a link to your Facebook wall post.

Copy and paste the link that you want to share into the box and click “attach.” The article title, description and usually a thumbnail photo will appear.

Double click on the Name to edit

Before you hit “Post,” double-click on the title. A box will show up, and you can type a new title.

Rename Articles and Descriptions before sharing an article on Facebook

Do the same for the description below the article title.

You can rename articles before posting to your Facebook profile

Hit “Post” and you should see it on your wall with the new title and description. Pretty cool, huh?

Many thanks to Wim Temmerman of Tebuma Business Development Services for sharing this New York Times article with us on LinkedIn.

One Minute Tip: Follow Your Favorite Facebook Business Pages

Facebook business page like button Have you “liked” too many Facebook business pages and now you can’t see posts from your favorite pages because of all the other Facebook fan pages’ posts? You can set your favorite Facebook fan pages as “featured likes” on your own biz page to make it easy to follow your favorite Facebook pages.

Featured Likes are on Facebook biz pages only, not on personal profiles. You have to be a Facebook business page owner to see “Likes” in the lower left area on your business page wall.

Facebook Business Page Featured Likes are on the lower left of your biz page wall.

Here’s a one minute tip on how to choose your featured likes. Go to your Facebook business page’s wall. In the upper right corner, hit “edit page.”

Facebook Business Page Featured Likes

On the left side of the edits page, click “Featured.”

Click "Feature" to access and edit Facebook Business Page Featured Likes

At the top of the page you’ll see the area for Featured Likes. Click “Edit Featured Likes.”

Facebook Business Page Featured Likes are found on your "edit page"

Click on as many as you’d like, hit “Save” and you’re done!

Facebook Business Page Featured Likes

Five of your Featured Likes will show on your wall at any given time. From there, you can click on them as they appear to follow your favorite Facebook business pages.

Or, go to Edit Page/Featured, where you can see 7 of your Featured Likes at a time and click on them from there.

Facebook Business Page Featured Likes are listed in your Edit Page page

Note: you have to be on your own fan page wall to see your featured likes. If you’re on another business page wall, you will see their featured likes.

Many thanks to S. Hughes and the man-eating beasts over at Planet Shark for suggesting we feature this coolly tip.

One Minute Tip: How to Create a Strong Password

Passwords are like padlocks

Everyone knows it’s important to create a strong password. But how do you remember it? Here’s a One Minute Tip to help you create a strong password and easily remember it.

In a seminar given by @ThomasJFox I once learned you should change your passwords often. So I like to change mine monthly, and I remind my fans at the beginning of each month to do the same on my Facebook business page, In Touch Promotions, my Google+ page, Twitter account and LinkedIn profile.

What makes a good password? My bank sent me a great article and I thought I’d share the main tip with you. Here are the steps to create a strong password:

1.    Start with a sentence that you will remember. Eg: I hope the UConn Huskies win!
2.    Remove the spaces from the words: IhopetheUConnHuskieswin!
3.    Shorten some words: IhopetheUCHwin!
4.    Capitalize some letters.
5.    You can also use just the first letter of each word: IhtUCHw!
6.    Add a memorable number. My bank suggests using something like the last 4 digits of a childhood phone number: IhtUCHw1379!

Now that’s one heck of a strong password. And, what makes it easy for me to remember is that I started out with a sentence. Cool, huh? Do you have a system you use to create passwords? Please share it with us!

One Minute Google+ Tip: Expand Your Google Plus Circles

Do you want to expand your Google Plus circles? Get more people to circle you on Google+? Here’s a one-minute tip that also works for Facebook.



Find 5 or so people and/or G+ business pages you like to follow who have lots of G+ users commenting on their posts. Start commenting on those posts, and start circling those people. People will circle back.

Google Plus post with 21 comments
Google+ business page post with 21 comments
Google+ Post by The Next Web
This Google+ Post by The Next Web drew comments from G+ biz pages and G+ personal profiles

I’ve been doing this slowly but surely since joining G+ in July and lately I’ve seen a big increase in circling, and in Google Plus business pages. My own G+ biz page has benefited too . Let’s connect on Google+:

Build Content and Grow Your Fanbase | Free Webinar

WebinarAre you stuck on 100 Facebook fans? At a loss for what to say in your email newsletters?

Wednesday, December 14th, 2011

In this webinar, you’ll create compelling content for your blog, emails and social media posts and learn how to grow your fanbase.

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One Minute Facebook Tip: List Yourself as the Owner of Your Business Page

To help increase your personal profile visibility on your Facebook biz page, so everyone remembers that it’s you who own your fan page, follow these 5 easy steps:

1.    From your Facebook biz page, not your personal profile, click on “Edit Page.”

2.    Next, on the left of the settings page, click on “Featured.”

3.    This brings up Featured “Likes” and “Page Owners.” Click on “Edit Featured Page Owners.”
4.    Choose from among your administrators who you want publicly listed as your Facebook page owner. Hit save and you’re done.

5.    Click on “View Page” to see your changes.

Page Owner(s) will be shown on lower left side of Facebook business page.

The page owners you chose will now be listed in the lower left corner of your Facebook wall for all to see. I personally like this feature because I interact with a lot of biz pages, and sometimes I forget who the admin is. It’s very convenient for me to go to the page and see the page owners listed there.

“Do-It-Yourself” Facebook Notifications

Where are all the other notifications?

Have you noticed that Facebook isn’t sending certain notifications? During the past several weeks I have not been getting notifications when I comment on others’ posts. In Touch Promotions engages with other pages; that is, we like and comment on other pages’ posts. Sometimes I don’t need a notification when a page responds to one of my comments.

However, when I do, and don’t receive one, I might think the page hasn’t responded to me, like I did when FB first stopped sending me these types of notifications.

If you don’t check your comments on others’ posts, and those pages and/or those pages’ fans asked you for your advice or a link, their fans miss out on your response. I’ve left comments on my own posts responding to other biz pages’ comments. When they don’t comment back, and sometimes it’s a business that I’m inviting to tell my fans more, my fans don’t hear back from them. It’s a missed opportunity for the biz page and doesn’t look good to the fans.

So, here at In Touch Promotions we check on those comments we made on others’ posts so that we know what their response is to our question or statement. Here’s an easy way to do that.

We can’t possibly manually go to all the pages we comment on and remember what post it was and see if the page responded to our comment. So, just scroll down your own “Wall” page. For each pertinent post, like those in the picture below, click on the word “photo,” “status,”  “link,” etc.

Your wall notifications of your comments on others' wall posts

That will take you to the post at hand and you can quickly check for responses. This is a good practice even when Facebook notifications is working properly, since FB only notifies us when the biz page itself comments, never when other FB users comment on that biz page’s post.

Now, considering your own page: if your fans aren’t checking to see that you responded to their comments, and you did respond to their comments and questions, they may never see your response to them. The result? Your fans miss out on your giveaway, never read your advice to them, don’t click on that link you posted in your follow-up comment to them, reduce their engagement on your page because they think you’re unresponsive.

It’s important for us, then, to share this information with all of our own fans, to instruct them and somehow get the message to them to “do-it-yourself” when it comes to Facebook notifications. If we don’t spread the word, FB will become less of a forum where people engage, and more of a one-way conversation between business pages and themselves.

Getting Started with Email Marketing and Social Media | Free Webinar

WebinarWant to get started with Email Marketing and Social Media?

This free webinar is for you! Learn how to set up your Constant Contact account, and your Facebook and LinkedIn business pages and profiles.

Webinar – Tuesday, November 29th

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