Passwords are like padlocks

Everyone knows it’s important to create a strong password. But how do you remember it? Here’s a One Minute Tip to help you create a strong password and easily remember it.

In a seminar given by @ThomasJFox I once learned you should change your passwords often. So I like to change mine monthly, and I remind my fans at the beginning of each month to do the same on my Facebook business page, In Touch Promotions, my Google+ page, Twitter account and LinkedIn profile.

What makes a good password? My bank sent me a great article and I thought I’d share the main tip with you. Here are the steps to create a strong password:

1.    Start with a sentence that you will remember. Eg: I hope the UConn Huskies win!
2.    Remove the spaces from the words: IhopetheUConnHuskieswin!
3.    Shorten some words: IhopetheUCHwin!
4.    Capitalize some letters.
5.    You can also use just the first letter of each word: IhtUCHw!
6.    Add a memorable number. My bank suggests using something like the last 4 digits of a childhood phone number: IhtUCHw1379!

Now that’s one heck of a strong password. And, what makes it easy for me to remember is that I started out with a sentence. Cool, huh? Do you have a system you use to create passwords? Please share it with us!

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