Google+ Business Page: The Edge to Higher Ranking in Google Search Results – Social Media 101 Artizon Digital

Posted on December 27, 2011 by Sue Surdam | Artizon Digital Introducing Sue Surdam as a guest author. Sue shares great tips and tutorials on her website Artizon Digital, which has just finished updating In Touch Promotions’ website. Head over to Sue’s site Artizon Digital to get more great tips and ideas for your own […]

One Minute Tip: Create a Facebook List for the Pages you “Like”

How many Facebook business fan pages have you “liked?” Are they cluttering up your news feed? You can file them into lists to help you keep in touch with your favorites. Recently I posted a One Minute Tip to help you create a Facebook “Featured Likes” file where you can follow your favorite Facebook business […]

One Minute Tip: Get More Engagement on Your Facebook Page

My Facebook business page, In Touch Promotions, has been tagged in other Facebook biz pages’ posts before, but it wasn’t until the other day when I read WagnerWrites’ post that it dawned on me. You can get more engagement on your Facebook fan page by proactively asking other Facebook business pages to comment on your […]

Google AdWords for Newbies | Free Webinar

It’s important to be where your clients and prospects are. When they want your services, what do they do? They Google you. Webinar Wednesday, December 28, 2011 11am – 1pm This webinar will review online comsumer behavior and introduce you to the concept of Google AdWords and how it works. You’ll set up your own […]

Build Content and Grow Your Fanbase | Free Webinar

Are you stuck on 100 Facebook fans? At a loss for what to say in your email newsletters? Webinar Wednesday, December 14th, 2011 In this webinar, you’ll create compelling content for your blog, emails and social media posts and learn how to grow your fanbase. Click here for more information and registration.

Getting Started with Email Marketing and Social Media | Free Webinar

Want to get started with Email Marketing and Social Media? This free webinar is for you! Learn how to set up your Constant Contact account, and your Facebook and LinkedIn business pages and profiles. Webinar – Tuesday, November 29th Click here for more information and registration.

Japan’s Great Loss and Mashable’s Great Faux Pas

Wow, so far March has been quite a month of surprise and tragedy. We’re living through one of the most catastrophic events we’ve experienced in our lifetime. The 9.0 earthquake and subsequent tsunami, aftershocks and nuclear plant meltdown that hit Japan March 11th are changing our world, forcing many of us to put our localized […]

Welcome, Hartford Public Library eMail Marketing Class!

1/25/2011 – Welcome, Hartford Public Library Email Marketing Class! I enjoyed our class today and look forward to our time together during the next two classes. This blog page is dedicated to you. Please feel free to blog here, email each other, send each other your Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn business pages (see below to […]