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Posted on December 27, 2011 by Sue Surdam | Artizon Digital

Introducing Sue Surdam as a guest author. Sue shares great tips and tutorials on her website Artizon Digital, which has just finished updating In Touch Promotions’ website. Head over to Sue’s site Artizon Digital to get more great tips and ideas for your own website. We look forward to posting more of Sue’s advice like this gem:


Your Google+ business page may give your business the edge to higher ranking in Google search results. Google is now integrating Google+ brand pages updates into organic search results.

This is huge, and it makes a big case for why your brand should create a Google+ business page and start sharing content there ASAP. If you already do, be sure to optimize your status updates. While your updates should be unique, interesting, and have a clear voice reflective of your brand, they should also be search engine optimized. Anum Hussain | HubSpot

Not to be accused of being a parent playing favorites to their children, a Google representative in a statement to CNET stressed that just having a Google+ business page is not enough. Pages will need to share relevant content to rank in the search results. But there are some extra goodies such as content from a page like recent posts that may appear as annotations attached to the Google+ brand page’s associated Web page under the site links as a result of a regular search result.

Here are a couple of examples of how our Social Media 101 Artizon Digital Google+ Page is being seen in Google search results; even though our page is only a few months old and circled by just 63 people.

1. How Google+ brand page updates are appearing in Google search results. Searching Social Media 101 Artizon Digital produced this result:


2. How Personal Google Plus pages mentioning Brand pages or sharing Brand pages posts are showing up in search results.


Create valuable content to share via your Google+ business page that other people will be inclined to share. When a user shares a piece of content straight from a brand page by clicking the ‘share’ button under the post, the original text of that post is transferred over, as well as the commentary the user provides. This means that by creating valuable and optimized content, people who share a status because of its value will unknowingly help your ranking because of the keywords weaved into the original update… Anum Hussain | HubSpot

With Google showing Google+ business pages search engine “love” having a Google Plus Business page that shares valuable and quality content is great way to make your business more accessible to potential clients using Google search. Create yours today and circle our Social Media 101 Artizon Digital Google+ Page. I will be sure to circle you back.

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