Japan’s Great Loss and Mashable’s Great Faux Pas

Wow, so far March has been quite a month of surprise and tragedy. We’re living through one of the most catastrophic events we’ve experienced in our lifetime. The 9.0 earthquake and subsequent tsunami, aftershocks and nuclear plant meltdown that hit Japan March 11th are changing our world, forcing many of us to put our localized troubles into perspective.

When Mashable posted a question on Facebook Tuesday, March 15, asking: “The tragedy in Japan could also hurt the global economy. Which popular tech products are in danger?,” there were many angered responses. “Too soon” and “bad taste” were two of the most popular posted comment responses. Mashable’s question made me wonder whether mother nature would add insult to Japan’s injury by teaming up with an economic crisis.

Toyota, Sony and Cannon have all shut down operations in their Japanese plants. The ripple affect reached the US Thursday, March 17 (Happy St. Patrick’s Day) when GM announced it is halting production until it can get the parts it needs from Japan. Disney announced it’s closing its Japan park for the next 10 days. Financial analysts on Bloomberg radio speculated on a double-dip recession for the fault-lying country. It looks like Japan needs the world’s help more than ever.

Here in CT, USA, we’re trying to put aside our local issues and look at the global picture. Hard to do in our neck o’ the woods, lol.

Although a lot has happened in the Facebook and Twitter world in the last week – iFrame Landing Tab troubles (thanks Facebook @FanPage Help), Twitter https malfunction-ality, whale-in-Japan video virus – none of it seems so important now as reaching out to our global neighbor, Japan, in its time of need. As an aside, my 90-year-old-neighbors, Carl and Ibba Williams, recall that the reaching out isn’t so easy, but they’re willing. If you know our corner, you know how much that means.

So from our little corner to yours, we stand with you, honor you, pray for you, pause for you, and thank you for your role in our global…realization.


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