In Touch Promotions’ Concierge Program

Digital media. What is it and how can companies save time and still make the most of their digital presence?

Digital media is the online presence in which your company engages. Your web sites, blogs, mobile sites and advertising, search engine optimization, search engine marketing such as Angie’s List, Yelp or Travelocity, social media sites like Facebook and Twitter, email marketing, and Google AdWords and AdSense are just a few examples of your potential digital media presence. It takes a lot of work and a lot of time to set up and maintain your digital media presence.

In Touch Promotions’ Concierge Program takes the stress of your online presence off your shoulders and places it in our capable hands. We offer a wide variety of services to help save time for businesses, nonprofits and individuals, all who have different digital media needs. For one low price, our concierge service provides you with:

Personal Needs Assessment Representative

No one has the same online needs as you. Maybe you want a new web site. Maybe you need your Google+ page updated daily. You may want a series of YouTube videos, an AdWords campaign, or a monthly e-newsletter. One thing’s for sure: you don’t have the time to do it all. Your Personal Needs Assessment Rep will meet with you and/or your staff via Skype or in person to discuss exactly what your online goals and aspirations are. And then we’ll get the job done for you, saving you time to do the work you’re in business to do.

Customized Digital Strategy

Once your initial digital needs are assessed, your personal rep will design a strategy that outlines your goals, timelines, tasks and ancillary budget. We’ll do the work for you. The strategy may include re-branding, a new web site design, broad social media engagement, e-newsletter application, SEO overhaul, landing page design with AdWords campaign, blog development, reputation management, etc. Our digital media professionals cover a wide range of expertise and if your needs are outside our scope, we’ll hire the best to work with us to achieve your goals – often at no extra cost to you, and saving you tons of time. We’ll submit the digital strategy to you for approval and in one easy step you’ll be ready to go.

Content Creation and Building

This is the implementation process, in which the In Touch Promotions team does all the work for you: we create the profiles, web sites, blogs, mobile-ready web sites, YouTube channels, web properties, apps, social sites, email marketing accounts, etc. necessary to fulfill your strategy. We then build the content: video storyboards, newsletter articles, blog pieces, photography, videography, web content, ad creation, social media posts, etc. to begin the digital marketing push for you. A simple okay from you and we schedule and post all the materials and engage with your audience to build your digital presence. You can get your online presence up and running very simply in no time using our Concierge Program.

Continual Evaluation and Restructuring

Our team constantly evaluates not only your digital performance, but also the industry standards and best practices so that as they shift, we rework your messaging content to always stay ahead of your competition in the digital media arena. Click here to learn more about In Touch Promotions’ concierge levels and pricing.

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