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Ms. BirdieComprehensive Email Marketing Services


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BirdieCampaign Set Up


I Account Set Up with Constant Contact, premier email service provider

  • Upload and segment email lists
  • Set email display and signature information
  • Create and insert website signup link and form on website
  • Create change of interest/update profile emails
  • Create “forward to a friend” email
  • Create welcome email for new registrants

II Template Creation and Branding

  • Select appropriate template(s)
  • Customize selected email campaign formats using client’s color scheme, branding, logos and URLs

III Additional Account Set Up Services work: job specific


BirdieCampaign Execution


I Develop email content, including:

  • subject line
  • content blocks
  • permission reminder
  • image loading and resizing

II Schedule and send emails, including:

  • calendar
  • list segmentation and upload
  • survey links
  • event registration links
  • links to Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and FlikR

III Integrate database, including:

  • moving prospects who have converted to another database
  • segmenting respondents into their areas of interest
  • suppressing converted prospects from direct-mail database


BirdieOngoing Email Marketing Services



I Monthly/Quarterly Account Assistance

  • Review strategy/marketing plan goals
  • Maintain list (imports, bounces, unsubscribes, segmenting)
  • Design and format new campaigns
  • Develop content and make recommendations
  • Perform campaign analysis and reporting
  • Revise strategies per report outcomes
  • Create email marketing strategies and plans

 Birdie  Content Development


I Custom Template Creation

  • Creative development
  • Brand matching
  • Image/graphic selection
  • Loading template into Constant Contact account

II Content Creation/Copywriting

  • Campaign concepts and direction
  • Copywriting for the campaign: emails, newsletters, cards, etc.
  • Schedule of articles/issues/emails


BirdieComprehensive Client Management


I Relationship Management Services

  • Marketing strategy/plan development
  • Account set up
  • Template creation and branding
  • Campaign execution
  • Ongoing account maintenance
  • Results review and analysis
  • Campaign modifications

II Strategy and Planning

  • Online marketing strategy review
  • Online marketing strategy development
  • Email marketing strategy and plan creation


BirdieSocial Media / Email Marketing Campaign Integration


I Strategic Planning

II Budget

III Package creation, including:

  • Twitter, Facebook account set up
  • Sign up forms on your website and blog
  • Links from emails

IV Database Management

  • Research
  • Segmentation
  • Suppression

V Reporting

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