Concierge Levels and Pricing

One thing we’ve learned over the years, working with dozens of individuals, nonprofits and companies, is that every organization needs specialized services. No two people need the same exact digital media help. That’s why In Touch Promotions created different concierge levels and pricing. Choose the level you need and we’ll set you up with your Personal Needs Assessment Representative today.

The Five-Star Experience

$5,000 / month

When your company needs a full-time digital media specialist, look to the In Touch Promotions team instead of hiring just one employee. With the Five-Star Experience, your business is our top priority. You receive exclusive concierge service equivalent to one full-time staff person, except the service you receive is from a team of top digital media experts. This premier service offers you up to five of our top professionals dedicating our time and support personnel to your online presence.


  • Get positioned as THE expert in your field. Stay in the forefront of digital media with top professionals working for you on a full-time daily basis: writing and posting your blog articles, continually updating your web sites and SEO, creating and implementing your online promotions, and keeping you engaged with your followers.
  • Have the best professionals in the digital marketing field working for you at the price of an entry-level staffer. Get full-time help for far less than the cost of in-house staff and no vacation or other benefits to pay.
  • At the Five-Star Experience level, you are our most important client. You receive the resources you need, as you need them.


The Executive Club

$3,000 / month

Feel the exclusivity of The Executive Club offerings: dedicated personnel to spearhead your digital strategy. We work with you and your staff to create the content-rich environment that positions your company on top as the go-to experts in your field.

Among the many services you can choose from that are within the scope The Executive Club level services are complete web site overhauls with SEO research, and professional external landing page design.

The Top Tier

$1,000 / month

You have arrived! The Top Tier concierge service affords you top expert advice and work done by the best digital presence professionals. Typically, this service is designed to train and work with your staff to achieve your digital goals.

The service includes but is not limited to: working with and training your staff to set up profiles and automated systems; showing you how to write, schedule and evaluate social media posts; writing keyworded blog articles and e-newsletters; shooting video and showing your staff how to transcribe, upload and promote it; etc. The thrust is to train your staff, and to fill in the areas where your staff needs someone to help with specific and/or long-term projects.

The Concierge Model

The Concierge Program delivers to our participating clients different levels of highly-personalized access to our top experts with the hourly support staffing you need to fulfill your digital strategy.


The Five-Star Experience is based on the equivalent of one full-time staff person at just $39/hour. Our leadership staff does the high-level work and other tasks are delegated to our coordinator colleagues.


The Executive Club offers 15 hours per week at $50/hour with similar mix of management and coordinator-level delegation. The Top Tier gives you 5 hours a week at $50/hour. Most Top Tier clients are sole proprietors, have dedicated personnel to work with our staff, or need a smaller service complementary to what they are already doing with digital media.


Whatever your needs are, In Touch Promotions’ Concierge Service is here to give you the personalized attention you deserve to launch your company to the top of the competitive rung in digital media. To get started, call Donna Saliter today at 860-671-0499.

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