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Are you new to Google+ and have a personal profile but now want to create a Google+ business page to help promote your brand or store? I have found that sometimes it’s not so easy to get answers to simple questions like this on Google+. Here is your One Minute Tip to help you get started right now setting up a Google Plus page for your business or nonprofit.

Note: you have to have a Google+ personal profile before you can create a Google+ business page.


First things first: Get to your Google+ profile

First, go to your personal Google+ profile. To do that, click here and you should be taken directly to your profile if you’re signed in.

Alternatively, type “Google+” into your browser’s search bar. If you’re already signed in to Google, you should see the link for your Google+ profile in the upper left-hand corner of your browser. Click on it (fig. 1).

Step 1: go to your Google+ personal profile page
fig. 1: Click on +Your Name in the upper left-hand corner of your browser to access Google+.


If Google+ takes you to a “get started” page and tries to “help” you find friends and connections to circle, just keep hitting the “continue” button at the bottom right, then hit the “Finish” button and Google will take you to your G+ profile.

If you’re not already signed in to Google+, either click here or hit one of the https://www.plus.google.com links that show up in the search results and you will be prompted to sign up or sign in.

Now to create a Google+ business page

Now that you’re in your profile, gaining access to the area where you can create a G+ business page is easy. On the left side of your page, you’ll see a column of icons. Hover over the “More” icon at the bottom left. You will see, greyed out, three more icons to the right of the “More” icon: one for Circles, one for Games, and one for Pages. As you hover over each of those, you’ll notice they turn colorful. Click on the “Pages” icon (fig. 2):

Click on the Google+ "More icon" to get to your "Pages" page
fig. 2: Hover over “More,” then “Pages,” then click on “Pages” to get to the tab where you can start a Google+ biz page.

If you haven’t yet created a Google+ business page, you’ll get the friendly reminder that you haven’t yet created a page, along with the icon in the upper right hand corner to “Create new page.” If you have already created a page or two, you’ll see those pages listed and get the same icon to “Create new page.” Click on that icon and you’re good to go (fig. 3).

Create a new Google+ page icon is in the upper right corner
fig. 3: The “Create new page” icon is in the upper right corner. Click and create!


Switch back and forth between your Google+ pages

One final tip: you can easily switch back and forth between your Google+ personal profile and business page(s). Click on your name in the upper right hand corner of your Google+ page. A drop-down box appears with your page(s) listed below your personal profile. Click on the page you wish to switch to (fig. 4).

Once you create a Google+ business page you can switch from one G+ account to another
fig. 4: To get from your G+ personal to biz page, click on your name in the upper right corner. Make sure you’re signed in to Google+ first.


Don’t forget to leave your Google+ business page link in the comments below so I can circle you and follow your posts!


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