G+ Circles Notifications: be sure to check them allRecently I’ve noticed that I’ve been getting circled on Google Plus a lot. I also noticed that if I’m not on G+ every day, I miss some of those notifications. I think the reason I’m not seeing all the notifications is that when new circle notifications come up, the old ones disappear in favor of the new ones.

I saw these two Google Plus Circles Notifications in my Gmail (on the left in screenshot), but not in my G+ notifications (on the right in screenshot).

If you don’t want to miss any Google+ circle notifications, here’s a one minute tip for you to help make sure you check all your Google+ circle notifications.

First, go to your G+ notifications and click “Added you on Google+.”

G+ Circles notifications are typically shown in Notifications - but not all Circles notifications are at the top.

At the bottom of the list, click “View all circle notifications.”

When you click on "View all circle notifications," you will see all the G+ circle notifications.

After clicking “View all notifications,” click “More” at the bottom. You may be surprised how many notifications you missed.

Google+ Circles notifications continue if you click "More"
Google+ Circles notifications continue past the first page; if you click "More" you will see more circles notifications.
G+ Circles notifications go beyond the first page. I hit "More" three times before finding these notifications that I had originally seen in my Gmail inbox just today.

As you can see, there are a LOT of folks I need to circle back!

You can also check your email notifications. They won’t disappear and it ensures you’ll receive all your Google+ Circle notifications. That’s how I first discovered I was missing Circle notifications.

Do you have any questions, or any tips to share? We’d love to hear from you!

Donna Saliter, In Touch Promotions

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