One Minute Google+ Tip: Expand Your Google Plus Circles

Do you want to expand your Google Plus circles? Get more people to circle you on Google+? Here’s a one-minute tip that also works for Facebook.



Find 5 or so people and/or G+ business pages you like to follow who have lots of G+ users commenting on their posts. Start commenting on those posts, and start circling those people. People will circle back.

Google Plus post with 21 comments
Google+ business page post with 21 comments
Google+ Post by The Next Web
This Google+ Post by The Next Web drew comments from G+ biz pages and G+ personal profiles

I’ve been doing this slowly but surely since joining G+ in July and lately I’ve seen a big increase in circling, and in Google Plus business pages. My own G+ biz page has benefited too . Let’s connect on Google+:

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