Where are all the other notifications?

Have you noticed that Facebook isn’t sending certain notifications? During the past several weeks I have not been getting notifications when I comment on others’ posts. In Touch Promotions engages with other pages; that is, we like and comment on other pages’ posts. Sometimes I don’t need a notification when a page responds to one of my comments.

However, when I do, and don’t receive one, I might think the page hasn’t responded to me, like I did when FB first stopped sending me these types of notifications.

If you don’t check your comments on others’ posts, and those pages and/or those pages’ fans asked you for your advice or a link, their fans miss out on your response. I’ve left comments on my own posts responding to other biz pages’ comments. When they don’t comment back, and sometimes it’s a business that I’m inviting to tell my fans more, my fans don’t hear back from them. It’s a missed opportunity for the biz page and doesn’t look good to the fans.

So, here at In Touch Promotions we check on those comments we made on others’ posts so that we know what their response is to our question or statement. Here’s an easy way to do that.

We can’t possibly manually go to all the pages we comment on and remember what post it was and see if the page responded to our comment. So, just scroll down your own “Wall” page. For each pertinent post, like those in the picture below, click on the word “photo,” “status,”  “link,” etc.

Your wall notifications of your comments on others' wall posts

That will take you to the post at hand and you can quickly check for responses. This is a good practice even when Facebook notifications is working properly, since FB only notifies us when the biz page itself comments, never when other FB users comment on that biz page’s post.

Now, considering your own page: if your fans aren’t checking to see that you responded to their comments, and you did respond to their comments and questions, they may never see your response to them. The result? Your fans miss out on your giveaway, never read your advice to them, don’t click on that link you posted in your follow-up comment to them, reduce their engagement on your page because they think you’re unresponsive.

It’s important for us, then, to share this information with all of our own fans, to instruct them and somehow get the message to them to “do-it-yourself” when it comes to Facebook notifications. If we don’t spread the word, FB will become less of a forum where people engage, and more of a one-way conversation between business pages and themselves.

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